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Government health warnings

Y'know how they have health warnings on cigarette packets? 'SMOKING CAUSES CANCER' and things?
I suggest these are extended to Economics textbooks as well. 'PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO ECONOMIC THEORY MAY CAUSE BRAIN/SOUL DEATH'.

So much suffering could be avoided.




Something has actually happened in Athlone. There's been a bloody gas explosion in town. Two buildings on fire. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2010/1222/breaking50.html
So yeah. Pretty freaked out by the whole thing. Nobody reported hurt, but still. Fire! On my bus route. O.O

Treason and gay love-triangles...

Honestly, what more could you ever ask for in a radio play?


I don't care how wildly innaccurate this may be (I'd never heard of the Babington Plot before so idk), it is awesome. I want to go back in time and hug Thomas Salisbury; he is an adorable bucket of angst. SO THERE.

Oh man oh man, I hope this is on the Early Modern History course. I would write the most horrific essay imaginable. :DDD

Snow day!

Haha, it is time to be smug on the internet. There's half a foot of snow in town and all the schools are shut. So I'm sitting at home, drinking tea and being the world's worst babysitter for my little sister and her dreadful friends. (One of whom is a foot taller that me. He's bloody ten! That's hardly fair...)
I had to walk into town earlier to get teabags. Yeah, I'm that fuckin' hardcore. It may be -3 outside, but if I go more than 3 hours without tea I start getting stabby. Athlone is surprisingly beautiful in the snow.  I suppose the hideousness is largely hidden. xD

Also, The Adverts: where have you been all my life?

Good news! I'm still alive!

So hey. I didn't die, how about that! I'm just in Fifth Year. It's quite similar, I imagine. But with more essays. And less sleep. I don't know what I'm doing with this similè, I'll stop now.
Spent most of this week watching Sherlock, which is pretty fucking awesome. Also I am no longer the Only Person Ever not to see Sherlock. Yeah, I'm cool now? No? Never mind.
On the topic of how cool I am, we finished reading Hamlet at school last week! Man, I love Hamlet. It's crazy! It's got everything, even pirates. And man, could Hamlet and Horatio be any more obvious? My goodness. 'My sweet lord'- oh yeah, FRIENDSHIP. Of course.
My English teacher compared Polonius to Jack Straw. This calls for some sort of New Labour/ Hamlet AU, y/y? 

Junior Cert Results!

YEAH BABY! Got my results! (They put the wrong name on the envelope, but it worked out fine! xD)
3 As, 5 Bs, 3 Cs. -victory dance-
I mean, dude. I got an A in Honours English. How did this even happen? I don't remember my exam... =_= 
A in History, Bs in French and German. Little annoyed at a C in Irish, but then I did absolutely no revision, so...

Yeah! I'm very happy! And not at all drunk, which to be honest surprises me. What am I even doing in this country? I should be drinking heavily, godammit! It's my heritage!

So, now I have a piece of paper telling me I'm good at some pointless things that will never be of any practical use to me. Representing the last three years of my life. I have achieved nothing else.
I love being useless. -dances off into sunset, waving results around-

Hello, and welcome to your first irregularly-scheduled ramble about my dull, pointless little life! -bad at self promotion-

So. Yeah. -scratches head-
We're getting Junior Cert results tomorrow! I'm pretty worried about that. I appear calm(-ish) to those around me, but inside I am having a minor nervous breakdown. I think maybe I don't deal with emotions well?
I'm better at yelling at newspapers than actual people. Probably a good thing.
Um. I'm sorry, I don't have much to say about anything right now. Well, that's not strictly true, I could go on and on and on about politics.
Wait! I remember now! Our Glorious Leader, His Culchiness Mr. Brian Cowen, &c. &c. was "between drunk and hungover" on a radio interview this morning. (source:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2010/0914/breaking16.html) Proving that Party Conferences are really just for getting pissed at. Even if you are the Taoiseach.
Feeling pretty embarrassed about the whole political situation here. 

...And now for a night of insomnia and worrying I'll be kicked out of Higher Irish. Marvelous fun! :/